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  • Noah’s Ark

    Van Tuşpa – Doğubeyazıt – Durupınar – Sağlıksuyu – Ağrı

    In almost all beliefs, it is mentioned that the ship is sitting on a rock on the top of a mountain. Famous as the final stop of Noah’s Ark, the legend of Mount Ağrı (Ararat) has been known for millennia. Its peaks of 5,137 and 3,895 meters were revered by the people of ancient Urartu (13th-7th centuries BC) who gave their name (Urartu = Ararat) to the mountain. With the dazzling views of Mount Ağrı over Doğubeyazıt Ishak Pasha Palace, you can follow the traces of countless travelers who searched Noah's Ark throughout history and be involved in this quest.

    • Tuşpa, Van District
    • Van Castle
    • Mount Ağrı
    • Ishak Pasha Palace
    • Durupınar archaeological site
    • Van breakfast
    • Pearl mullet
    • Sengeser (green lentil stew with ground beef)
    • Ayran aşı soup (chilled yogurt soup with chickpeas)
    • Murtuğa (local omelette)
    • Çılış pilav
    • Abdigor meatballs
    • Daffodils
    • Snow
    • Legend of Mount Ararat
    • Legend of Lake Van monster