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  • Abraham’s Path

    Turkish trail route: Şanlıurfa

    Abraham’s Path traces the journey of the Prophet Abraham (revered as the father of monotheism by Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike) from his birthplace in Şanlıurfa, Türkiye, to his final resting place, traversing several countries.

    The 170-kilometer-long trail through southeast Anatolia begins in the village of Yuvacalı and ends in the town of Harran. The trail follows a route of archaeological highlights such as Göbeklitepe and the temples and rock inscriptions of Soğmatar and crosses rural areas and the magnificent vast plateaus of Mesopotamia.

    • Balıklıgöl (Halil-Ür Rahman Lake)
    • Abraham’s Cave (Mevlid-i Halil Mosque)
    • Yuvacalı village
    • Harran
    • Soğmatar
    • Kebabs
    • Grilled liver kebab
    • Çiğ köfte (spicy bulgur patties)
    • Şıllık (dessert crepe)
    • Isot pepper
    • Copper
    • Stone
    • The sound of coppersmiths working
    • Kelaynak birds (Northern bold ibis)
    • Sıra nights (traditional folk music)
    • Cura (folk string instrument)