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  • Ecumenical Councils in Asia Minor

    İstanbul – İznik, Bursa – Ephesos / Selcuk, İzmir

    The first seven ecumenical councils were all held in Asia Minor and specifically in today’s cities of İznik, Bursa, İstanbul, and Selcuk, İzmir. The seven councils, held between AD 325 and 787, are known primarily for their consideration of doctrinal conflicts. They also ruled on practical matters which were set down in canons. A trip covering the historical sites and magnificent monuments in İznik (Nicaea), İstanbul, and İzmir will take you to the ancient settings of these seven councils.

    First Seven Ecumenical Councils

    First Council of Nicaea (AD 325), İznik, Bursa

    First Council of Constantinople (AD 381), İstanbul

    First Council of Ephesos (AD 431), Selcuk, İzmir

    Council of Chalcedon (AD 451), Kadıköy, İstanbul

    Second Council of Constantinople (AD 553), İstanbul

    Third Council of Constantinople (AD 680-681), İstanbul

    Second Council of Nicaea (AD 787), İznik, Bursa

    • Ayasofya Grand Mosque of İznik
    • Church of Mary, Ephesos, İzmir
    • Ayasofya Grand Mosque, İstanbul
    • Hippodrome, İstanbul
    • Çöp şiş (lamb shish kebab)
    • Olives
    • Fruit wines
    • Dried grapes
    • İskender kebab
    • Candied chestnuts
    • Gevrek (local sesame bagels)
    • Aegean herbs
    • Olive trees in İzmir
    • The old stones of the ancient city of Ephesos
    • The legends of Şirince village