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  • Imperial Ottoman Mosques

    İstanbul - Edirne - Bursa

    Selâtin mosques are the names given to the mosques built by the sultans during the Ottoman Empire. They were large mosques with several minarets. The first Selâtin Mosques in the Ottoman period are the Grand Mosque (Ulu Cami) and Green Mosque (Yeşil Cami) in Bursa, the Ottoman Empire’s first capital city. The oldest Selâtin mosque that preserves its original form in İstanbul is considered as the Bayezid Mosque built by II. Bayezid

    The third and last capital city of the Ottoman Empire, İstanbul, hosts the greatest Ottoman monuments.

     Süleymaniye Mosque, the mosque commissioned by Suleyman the Magnificent to the great imperial architect Sinan, offers the opportunity for a visit to a great Ottoman mosque with charming courtyard and surroundings. Sultanahmet Mosque, or as it is best known in the West, the “Blue Mosque,” presents visitors with the best examples of the famous Iznik tiles. Apart from the prementioned great mosques, visiting small and charming mosques like Rüstem Pasha (Rüstempaşa) and Şehzade will give you a better understanding of the Ottoman taste in architecture.

    The Ottoman Empire was established in three major capital centers and for almost 600 years the empire left its mark on these cities with great architectural gems. 

    Edirne, whose name derives from the great Roman Emperor Hadrian, was the second capital city of the Ottomans. Here, you can enjoy the magnificent masterpieces of early Ottoman architecture such as an old hospital complex called Beyazit Kulliye, the wonderful Ottoman bridges over the Meriç (Maritsa) River, and the masterpiece of the great architect Sinan, Selimiye Mosque. The old bazaar and the unique food that is served here will make the visit even more memorable.

    • Nuruosmaniye Mosque, İstanbul
    • Süleymaniye Mosque, İstanbul
    • Sultanahmet Mosque, İstanbul
    • Fatih Mosque, İstanbul
    • Şehzade Mosque, İstanbul
    • Nuruosmaniye Mosque
    • Yavuz Selim Mosque
    • Mihrimah Sultan Mosque
    • Dolmabahce Mosque
    • Yeni Valide Kulliye (Complex)
    • Grand Bazaar, İstanbul
    • Beyazit Kulliye (Complex), Edirne
    • Selimiye Mosque, Edirne
    • Ulu Cami (Grand Mosque), Bursa
    • Yeşil Türbe (GreenTomb), Bursa
    • Fried liver
    • İskender kebab
    • Candied chestnuts
    • Acıbadem kurabiyesi (Turkish almond macaroons)
    • Kavala kurabiyesi (shortbread almond cookies)
    • Lavender in Edirne
    • Yeşil Türbe (Green Tomb), Bursa
    • Local folklore of Edirne