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  • Monasteries of The Black Sea

    Maçka, Trabzon

    Sümela Monastery, which is located on a steep and rocky area in Altındere Valley in the town of Maçka near the city of Trabzon, offers a combination of nature, history, and culture. It is believed that the monastery was constructed in the 4th century, although Alexios III Megas Komnenos (1349-1390) was the actual founder. The monastery is also known to locals as “Meryem Ana” (Virgin Mary). The majestic complex, built 1,200 meters above sea level, has been recently restored. Not far from Sümela Monastery, in the city of Trabzon, is Vazelon Monastery which is one of the oldest monasteries in Anatolia. Also called “Zouvalon,” the monastery is believed to have been built around AD 270 and is dedicated to John the Baptist.

    • Sümela Monastery
    • Vazelon Monastery
    • Honey & yogurt
    • Kuru fasulye (white bean stew)
    • Sütlaç (rice pudding)
    • Fındık (hazelnuts)
    • Meatballs
    • Trabzon ekmeği (Trabzon bread)
    • Trabzon tereyağı (Trabzon butter)
    • Tea leaves
    • History of Sümela Monastery